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Top 3 with Maris Prii

“No matter what, team is the most important factor if you want to succeed” were the words that highlight our special guest’s speech in our once-in-a-month practice for Knowledge Sharing. WHO IS MARIS PRII? Her extended and proven professional background, as well as her career path, leads her to COO at the leading European B2B […]

2018 is just around the corner …

The feeling that 2018 is almost at our doorstep, compel us to turn back and do a little recap of the year behind us. Therefore, we are sharing this year’ highlights with you in the latest blog post for 2017. At the same time, as one of the most beautiful times of the year, when […]

4 pull requests? Yes, it’s Hacktoberfest!

We, at GSIX, are very thrilled and honored to be co-hosting this year’s global initiative sponsored by Digital Ocean and GitHub – Hacktoberfest. Motivated by the idea to support the international open source community, we’ve teamed up with Adeva to organize this meetup. Held on 25.10 (Wednesday) in the well-known place – Public Room. The […]

On creating cleaner and simpler commands

Commands, as part of the CQRS pattern, provide a clean way for representing intentions for changing some state in our application. We’ve been working with CQRS for some time and it helped us significantly improve the quality of our code base. Meanwhile, we learned a lot, but we also made some mistakes. In this article […]
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Can I Use Popular Framework Features Without a Framework?

If you’ve been wondering about this question, the answer is YES! There are many tools and libraries in the PHP ecosystem that we can use when developing an application. Some of them are grouped in frameworks which provide us some preconfigured structure. But with such variety of tools, we can easily make our own structure […]
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