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E-Commerce Talks with James Lum and Oliver Pugh

In the past month we had the honor to listen to the stories of two successful masters in the field of e-commerce. The mutual thing they have is they both come from the UK. The two of them shared tons of useful tips and tricks, do’s and dont’s as our team discovered the secrets for […]

TechTalks with Ivan from MKhost

During last month, we had a different TechTalks session on regular Thursdays. We invited the leading hosting provider – MKhost CEO to join a free side chat with the GSIX team in our offices. Ivan is strong engineering professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. His main occupational field is automation engineering.  He […]
Swift, Apple, Developer, Software

Six Reasons Why You Should Code in Swift

For the first time this year, our Thursday TechTalk culture was dedicated to the programming language – Swift. This topic was covered by me, as member of the GSIX iOS development team. My teammates had the chance to understand why it is taking advantage before other programming languages for mobile app development. Since there are more than […]
TechTalks, Grouper, GSIX, gamification

Top 3 with Nina Angelovska: What is gamification?

“Release the power of gamification and create miracles!” Who is Nina? Nina Angelovska is the co-founder and CEO of the leading e-commerce business “Made in Macedonia” – Grouper. Graduated as the best student of the generation at the Faculty of Economics, she also holds a master’s degree and she became a Doctor of Science 2 years […]
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GDPR Demystified

You don’t really need to read this, unless you have an EU based company or you have at least one customer in EU or you are just curious to learn what GDPR is all about. Running your business nowadays means dealing with lot of data in order to come up with the best decisions, but […]
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