Top 3 with Maris Prii

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“No matter what, team is the most important factor if you want to succeed” were the words that highlight our special guest’s speech in our once-in-a-month practice for Knowledge Sharing.


Her extended and proven professional background, as well as her career path, leads her to COO at the leading European B2B accelerator – Startup Wise Guys. She is passionate about investments, legal issues, finance, company policies, corporate governance and everything related to management. Maris Prii is proud to claim that she possesses lead roles in top management fields of great successful companies.

As COO, she was involved in finalizing and negotiating processes for over 50 pre-seed investments and is an active member of Estonian Startup Ecosystem. Motivated of Maris’s career, which is constantly growing, we were honored to talk to her, learn something new and we couldn’t imagine a more competent person taking advice from.


After we’ve summed up the impressions, now it’s time to share the top 3 of the many questions and expert answers we were provided by Maris.

  1. Why is important to set up a good organizational structure?

To be successful in the long run, you must set up your company’s foundations at the very beginning. Construct a structure that will translate your plans and goals into reality. A good structure will convert the business operations into successful solutions to your end-clients. Do no try to skip the steps of planning, organizing and coordinating the structure.

Neglect culture and values important for your team. Once well-established structure will bypass the probably arising problems with employees regarding their roles, responsibilities, duties and whom to report to. In addition, once successfully created structure will contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of a long term.

  1. How to fill the gap between your company’s divisions?

Regardless of the size and profile of your team, there’s only one goal of a team and company’s level. One of the most important ways to coordinate your different and various divisions are the meetings. Create policies that will implicate into adequate meetings with respectful team members on interdepartmental and intradepartmental level.

Secure the most appropriate way in terms of frequency and key team players that will attend these meetings so the overall team will be able to understand and contribute to the one and only final goal.

  1. Every software development company needs translators!

Software engineers are mostly averse of splitting their time for coding and having meetings. Maris’s advice is having a member in your team that is skilled to translate and interpret overall business & sales goals to the IT division and vice versa with main focus to the final and successful output to your clients.

This member’s profile knows greatly how to transfer the requirements, demands, expectations and final results among all the key players in your company.

Maris Prii is the first of the series of guests thanks to #SwissEP Entrepreneur-In-Residence, an initiative by Swiss Entrepreneurship Program, funded by the Swiss Government and implemented by Swisscontact together with J.E.Austin.

Once again, thank you  Maris Prii for sharing your experience with us.

Till next time