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Pedaless — Boost your bike!

We are committed to creating innovative products since our inception. As our slogan says, GSIX is the place where entrepreneurship meets engineering. The team fuses these two pillars and build standardized and tailor-made software solutions. Moreover, GSIX’s oven is the corner for creating innovative hardware and software in our office. Pedaless is the latest one. We […]
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The Murderer of the Business and the Development World

“You are responsible for the quality of your code”. Pretty good development maxim. Every developer needs to respect this and accept it as a way to navigate throughout his or her professional career. Let me tell you a story about how disrespecting this maxim can harm you as a developer, but also imbalance the modern “Universe”. Every character […]
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NLP Case Study: What Do Rappers Say?

Mic check/intro 48 years and five days ago, on June 16, a boy named Lesane Parish Crooks was born. This is my way of remembering your birthday, Pac. “Make sure it’s poppin’ when we get up there, man, don’t front”. Rap music has been one of the most influential music genres for the biggest part […]
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Quick Pick: What is the magic behind TMetric?

Even while trying to find opening words for this mini blog post, I see the main reason for it. “Start timer” it says. Except for developing awesome applications, or doing our everyday job-related work, our employers would be very grateful if our time spread is stored somewhere where it is easily readable and understandable. And […]

Interview with Ph.D. Vladimir Trajkovikj

We were honored to guest one of the most influential figures of the IT world in Macedonia. Moreover, he was awarded for his outstanding results in the scientific-research activities in 2017. We are talking about Ph.D. Vladimir Trajkovikj – FCSE’s professor and author of more than 160 journal and conference papers. We enjoyed the opportunity […]
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