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We are committed to creating innovative products since our inception. As our slogan says, GSIX is the place where entrepreneurship meets engineering. The team fuses these two pillars and build standardized and tailor-made software solutions. Moreover, GSIX’s oven is the corner for creating innovative hardware and software in our office. Pedaless is the latest one.

We are extremely proud that the Fund for Innovations and Technological Development decided to support our product whose inventor is Bosko Petreski – one of the co-founders.

What exactly is Pedaless?

Pedaless is an innovative device designed for bikes that transforms them into electric ones. The device’s users will enjoy the opportunity to ride a faster bicycle and cycle a greater reach in the urban areas. By using this hardware, people will save time and financial resources. Most importantly, people using Pedaless will contribute to reducing environmental air pollution. Our ultimate goal is to become the default communing choice in urban and sub urban areas. 

At this moment, Pedaless is in a prototype phase. We are constantly testing and improving its performance.

How to install and use Pedaless?

Setting up Pedaless is simple and takes about 5 minutes on average. Users place the component in the rear part of an existing bike and it is connected to the steering wheel through cable. The current prototype can pass up to 30 kilometers at a speed of 25 km/hour. It doesn’t make noise and it is charged with a special, safe charger intended for lithium batteries.

Why people love Pedaless?

We’ve conducted a small survey and asked people if they would buy a biking device that would make their bike faster with no additional physical effort. 87% of the participants said “YES”.

The physical characteristics and the short set-up time make Pedaless extremely user-friendly and accessible for everyone.

People will cut down travel time from one destination to another. Also, they will avoid traffic jams caused by cars. This one-piece component transforms the existing bike into an electric one, without investing in financial resources for buying a completely new and electric bike.

Coming soon!

We plan to launch the device in March, 2020. Follow our social media profiles and stay up to date with the latest news. 

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Get ready for a new experience. Boost your bike with Pedaless!

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