Let's grow together.

at GSIX we are all about delivering quality, delivering on time and delivering on budget. 

The place where entrepreneurship meets engineering.


Tailor-made Software

The core of our company is the software development, we have been working with large clients in a mission-critical environments. Based on predefined specification, or specification that we could develop together, our engineers can help you build scalable software solutions.

Entrepreneurial-centric mindset

Our blend of entrepreneurial skills and technical expertise allow us to easily understand client business needs and provide fast and reliable solutions. Officially founded in 2013, we are a team of 30 engineers, designers and marketeers spread across Europe and USA, serving over 20 million users with our solutions.

Amazing Products

We are happy to build new and exciting products that can make an impact, so no matter if you just have an early-stage idea or full product specification, let our product development experience help you achieve your goals. From idea brainstorming to “goto” market strategy, our product development approach has helped many international clients and partners getting from A to Z, and beyond.

Quality matters

Through continuous integration and deployment, we make sure everything works in the best way possible. From core unit testing to black box techniques and aggressive regression and security testing and analysis. Our long term expertise in QA and Security can help you identify all the potential risks before is too late. 

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