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Lightning Decision Jam with Kamil Barbarski

Can you imagine a way of solving problems without discussion? Well, it is possible. As a team of software engineers, we are facing issues that need instant solutions. To get the right answers, we are practicing different approaches every time to find the most suitable course of action. Then, we have long-lasting discussions to find […]

Interview: Highlights of Being GSIX Summer Interns

Internship programs are part of GSIX corporate practice and culture since from the early beginnings. The internship advantages stay in the fact that it closes the gap between the formal education and the real-world industry challenges. Thanks to these internship programs we are continually meeting the youngest and most talented minds from the IT industry.  In […]
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Event Storming: The Right Way (Part 2)

A useful introduction As I’ve announced in the previous post about the benefits we’re gaining from the Event storming, now it is the perfect time to talk about the agenda of this approach, as well as some practical tips from my experience so far. A little reminder: event storming sessions are used as a means […]
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Event Storming: How To Code Before You Code?

As part of GSIX, I’ve been working on implementation of an interesting and effective technique which sharing with you is crucial. Practical and functional things deserve sharing with others. As we’ve applied this group modelling technique, I find it to be the best time-efficient practice for most complex systems. Yes, I talk about Event storming. Moreover, […]
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Top 3 with Ljuba Youngblom: What is UX design?

We cannot imagine a better quote than Steve Job’s to start this – “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” WHO IS LJUBA YOUNGBLOM? Ljuba Youngblom is one of the most successful young people with Balkans origin, but born and raised in Canada. His career path […]
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