TechTalks with Ivan from MKhost

During last month, we had a different TechTalks session on regular Thursdays. We invited the leading hosting provider – MKhost CEO to join a free side chat with the GSIX team in our offices.

Ivan is strong engineering professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. His main occupational field is automation engineering.  He started the story of MKhost back in the 2005 as one-man show. Today this company is first-choice solution in web hosting services and domain registration.

As a solo founder of the today’s dominant company here, we spend some great time talking about his story, expertise and some prominent advice based on Ivan’s experience.

What were the challenges you’ve faced as a solo founder?

Ivan: Going back more than 10 years ago, I’ve started a story so-called “MKhost”. Throughout the years, it has grown into a brand which helped many individuals and organizations to make a successful presence in the online world by expanding the business nationally and regionally.

Of course, when you’re starting a company alone, you are responsible for all the processes happening. You don’t have a lot of time to think and you have to bring decisions very fast and for which you are the only one in charge.

If I could turn back time, I’d definitely not started the business alone. It is very difficult to do all the micro managerial things alone. Hence, before starting a business alone, try to build a small team with people that have the same drive as you.

What is the MKhost competitive advantage now?

Ivan: I’m proud of what MKhost today is. It is the biggest hosting provider and domain registry in our country. Our online solutions are created according to the latest standards. Our main and most important focus is our clients together with the constant and fast professional technical support.

In the past several years, we’ve managed to position the MKhost brand on our market as a successful company that offers the best deals for web hosting, supported by excellent customer service. Therefore, we offer professional, polite and most important of all – fast problem solving  and instant feedback to our customers.

We believe that beside constantly innovating our services in terms of automation our greatest competitive advantage is our customer service. Its successful working was recognized by our respectful clients. They rated us as one of the top Macedonian companies in providing the best customer support.

What are some of the trend predictions for the hosting world?

Ivan: If you do not follow the trends, you will lose the battle. This is why we strive to make MKhost ahead of the game of trends.

Cloud hosting is becoming one of the most attractive ways to host a website, blog or even store information on the Internet today. Google, Amazon and Microsoft have the largest dominance in this space.

In addition, many companies are searching for customized pricing plans and features instead of general pricing plans that are identical for everyone.

Equally important, predictions show that efficient and fast customer support will be one of the determining factors when choosing a hosting provider. Customers will expect lower downtime and solution for hosting problems quickly. And we are very good at this.

This makes one trend down, few more to go.

Some final words…

The free side chat ended with Ivan’s thoughts about career and personal development. He considers the fact that is better to be expert in several fields in your career. But when it comes to the personal level, you should be an expert in one field only.

Hereby, we want to send thanks for his visit here at GSIX as part of our TechTalks and sharing his thoughts with us.

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