Top 3 with Jes Bailey

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“I am passionate about helping others to achieve their goals, become successful and sustainable – and crowdfunding is one of the ways to realize this.”


Jes Bailey is founder of crowdfunding consultancy – Crowdfund 360. The numbers speak of her success as she has 80% success rate for over 50 crowdfunding campaigns all around the world. Translated into financials, she has helped raising 1,5 million pounds for her clients. With backgrounds in marketing and communications, she has worked with many startups and organizations in the United Kingdom, Egypt, Netherlands, Bangladesh and so on.

Her mission is to enable all startups, charity organizations and social businesses to successfully run their crowdfunding campaigns and bring their projects to life.


Jes’s outstanding presentations gave us meaningful insights for the crowdfunding world, beginning from how to plan and implement a successful campaign and what happens after reaching the goal.

1. What you need to know before starting a crowdfunding campaign?

Crowdfunding is a process of funding a project/venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. With today’s power of the Internet, your campaign can reach more people than you can imagine, but you will succeed only if you plan carefully and implement it wisely. Usually and based on her experience, a crowdfunding campaign lasts 35 days and you have to plan it 8 weeks earlier.

Some important factors that you have to pay attention are the platform, the launch time, the storytelling, the visual elements like videos, qualitative photos, the promotion and sharing process of your campaign and similar. At the end of the day, it is all about building awareness for creating results that will solve a problem.

2. Can something predict if the campaign would be successful?

There are some interesting indications that show if your campaign will be successful or don’t. For example, the best time you launch your campaign is Tuesday afternoon, after payday. Also, your project page has only 8 seconds to gain the attention of a potential backer. If you miss some spelling errors in your text, this will decrease the chance of success by 13%. If your campaign cross the 30% milestone, stats show that you will have nearly a 90% rate of success.

If your campaign has reached the 50% milestone, it is the perfect time to start more intensive social media advertising. Sharing your campaign via emails has the highest rates of gaining impressions. Don’t stop here, share the campaign, spread the word and tell as many people as possible.

3. What happens after successfully-ended campaign?

Awesome, your campaign reached its goal or maybe overpass it. That’s great news but, it doesn’t mean that you’re at the end of the journey, raise the money and travel somewhere. Make sure to thank all the backers. People that have supported you will be happy to hear about your progress, updates and upgrades. They are even eager to be part of your product and let them give you their opinion about future happenings. Make them happy by letting them know what did they invest into by making your goal live.

When it comes to Macedonia, statistics show that there have been around 265 campaigns related to our country of which 161 had 0 backers. Definitely, Macedonian boarding games category wins in the crowdfunding field. Jes strongly believes crowdfunding can be significantly improved here.

Thanks to #SwissEP Entrepreneur-in-Residence, we were honored to guest Jes Bailey in GSIX for our series of TechTalk Thursdays events.

Shout out to Jes once again for sharing her crowdfunding expertise with us!

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