On creating cleaner and simpler commands

Commands, as part of the CQRS pattern, provide a clean way for representing intentions for changing some state in our application. We’ve been working with CQRS for some time and it helped us significantly improve the quality of our code base. Meanwhile, we learned a lot, but we also made some mistakes. In this article […]
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Can I Use Popular Framework Features Without a Framework?

If you’ve been wondering about this question, the answer is YES! There are many tools and libraries in the PHP ecosystem that we can use when developing an application. Some of them are grouped in frameworks which provide us some preconfigured structure. But with such variety of tools, we can easily make our own structure […]

GSIX Acquires Effectuate Ventures

Denver, CO, November 30, 2016 — GSIX, LLC, the U.S. subsidiary of Macedonian firm, Dzisiks Solushns DOO, has announced the acquisition of Effectuate Ventures, LLC, a Colorado-based custom software company. Effectuate, soon to be renamed GSIX USA, was founded in 2013 by Gerrit McGowan, the former CEO/founder of charitable giving SaaS, kula.com. “This move was […]

Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets

This post is the first in the series of blog posts connected to our general Thursday tech talks at GSIX. Post by: Marija Dimitrijevska (Front End developer at GSIX Solutions) Sass is a CSS preprocessor or a layer between the stylesheets of your author and the .css It is an extension of CSS that adds power and […]

Snapchat campaign for DigitalK 2016

Snapchat is the next best thing when it comes to finding new creative ways to promote brands, products, services, people, events and much much more. It started from being a simple photo and video sharing app to a marketing tool that can’t be ignored. Our focus on digital marketing is getting stronger day by day […]
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