4 pull requests? Yes, it’s Hacktoberfest!

We, at GSIX, are very thrilled and honored to be co-hosting this year’s global initiative sponsored by Digital Ocean and GitHubHacktoberfest.

Motivated by the idea to support the international open source community, we’ve teamed up with Adeva to organize this meetup. Held on 25.10 (Wednesday) in the well-known place – Public Room. The event was amazing, the response was fantastic and the experiences were enhanced.

One of the most important missions of this global movement is the support, encouraging entry-level developers to contribute to the open source, while the experienced one continue with their work by giving back to the community. As the GitHub slogan says: “Building software better, together” the aim is to give mutual support in the world of software engineering.

This autumn month is a dedication of bringing to life that slogan above and mark its mission. All developers worldwide are invited to make over 4 pull requests. If so, they’re awarded with themed T-shirts and stickers by Digital Ocean and GitHub.

For the very first time this October and driven by the power of the community, we and Adeva managed to officially register the event on a local level, in Skopje and Macedonia.

The meetup was beyond our expectations. Many interesting discussions were started and relevant thoughts and experiences were exchanged between the guests and the speakers. The number of guests was something above 130 who heard the open source positive experiences of Tomche Delev (software developer at Sorsix), Goce Mitevski (official representative of Mozilla for Macedonia), Igor Stamatovski (CEO at iBorn) and Dejan Noveski (software developer at Symphony Solutions). The covered topics ranged from why is it good to start contributing to open source, how to start your contributions to a successful story starting from free software to startup.

So, your “job” now is to find a project that suits your knowledge base or your wishes to learn something new, and help make it better by opening 4 pull-requests on their GitHub repository. And you still have time until end of Halloween day!

We are waiting for your comments and notes about the event, what did you enjoy about Hacktoberfest this year? What can we do to make it even better and greater next year? Let us know.

Once again, thank you for your attendance and see you again,

Till next Hacktoberfest,

Happy Hacking!

P.S. Meanwhile, join this Hacktoberfest Group.