3 most important things you need to know when you market your mobile app

Like in every industry, the hardest part while developing the product is reaching out to its targeted customers for sustainable traction. In the startup industry, most startups fail because they are not able, or they don`t know how to market their product specifically. Due to the fact that we live in a world where smartphones […]

Hacker technology for normal day use

According to different laws or depending on their needs, most companies these days integrate systems that track and show the presence of their employees in the company during their working hours. Different software show different statistics that could help the company better handle their working process and flow of the working environment. Macedonian companies are […]

What is officesurfing and how it can change the way we work

These days and in the world we live in, even if we work as freelancers, start our own businesses or work in a big corporation, at some point we get the tendency to be bored with the working atmosphere we`re in. In that moment we start to think about changes, just for a day or […]

Founded in Macedonia and the magic behind it

G6 is not just a software development company or just a startup. Over the years we have proven ourselves as huge supporter of the Macedonian startup community. The list of projects for the community in which we participated and contributed is huge, but recently was enriched with one more, with which we are extremely proud. […]

Welcoming 2015 with fun and games!

They say it is much more easy to work and have fun. Some studies indicate that having a place or a corner in the office where the team can relax and have fun during the working hours, brings the productivity of the company`s workflow at much higher level. And when you add that boys will […]
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