cloud technology now makes it possible
to store and access your important files from
virtually anywhere.  NovoBox takes this technology
to the next level.  We use nearly 60 global cloud
data centers operated by CenturyLink to provide
100% data availability. With NovoBox you will have
uninterrupted access to your files across all platforms
with our desktop client and apps.

No headaches, no hassle, simply NovoBox.
  • to create an infrastructure that can support 10.000 concurrent user file uploads and downloads
  • to create the identity of the brand online and offline
  • to establish next-level security protocols to prevent disclosure of sensitive data
  • to create UK compliant platform that can be hosted on CenturyLink and leverage their cloud data centers
  • to ensure the infrastructure could be easily scaled and distributed across many cloud providers
  • all the visuals for the website
  • leveraged high-profile cloud solution to use their best practices and approach for this platform
  • created testing infrastructure and simulated 10.000 concurrent requests
  • developed handy application for streaming-only services that leverages the platform
  • all the visuals for the dashboard and the service itself
  • all the visuals for the mobile apps
New way to store your personal data. And More...
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