Finance, accounting and administration

Position Overview

At GSIX, it’s all about having the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. If you can make things run smoothly and efficiently, we embrace you to apply for our open position as a financial, accounting and administrative assistant!  

Employment Responsibilities:

  • Accounting (registration of incoming and outgoing invoices, credit cards, rents, travel expense reports)    
  • Salaries (management, time reports, salary calculations, and deductions, payouts) 
  • Active monitoring and knowledge of current changes for the legal regulations in the financial field
  • Highly developed analytical and communication skills, dedication, loyalty, confidentiality, organizational skills, able to work in a team
  • Excellent knowledge and active use of business English
  • Experience in cash flow reporting
  • Analysis of revenues and expenses in the company 
  • Reporting toward local authorities (social fees, VAT declaration)
  • Internal reporting (monthly cost report, cash flow report)  

Requirements and Qualifications

  • University Degree in Economics/BA/ or similar
  • 2 years experience in finance/administration department or similar role
  • Good knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping procedures 
  • Organizational skills

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Working @ GSIX means...

Competitive salary up to date with the market standards
We take care of you
Visit a place you’ve dreamt about or maybe just pay a visit to a client

You don’t want to leave your dog all alone at home 
Work-life balance
Tailor your working schedule according to your needs 
Boosting our culture once a year on a great remote location.
Gym Membership
We need you safe and sound. Your health matters!
Exhibitor or Speaker?

Attending on conferences and events are tradition at GSIX
Let's Play

What would the work be without some fun? We have Xbox, arcade machine, board games, plus monthly organised activities like paintball, football, laser-tag...
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