Position Overview

GSIX is seeking a Senior Data Engineer to refine our approach to data storage and analysis. You will be responsible for the data and analysis needs and move data storage infrastructure forward from its relational roots by recommending and implementing the best storage technologies for our content library, event streams, transactional systems and social graph. Data science algorithms will also be used to make content and product recommendations.

This role reports to the Chief Technology Officer in Denver.

Employment Responsibilities:

You will identify new data sources and collect data while respecting user privacy, and following regulations such as COPPA and GDPR. Working across the full lifecycle, from conception through implementation and deployment, you will create complex analyses and beautiful visualizations. 

Must-have Skills:

  • - Ready to learn. As the resident expert our data and analytics, you will stay up to date on the field and make recommendations.
  • - Expert knowledge of multiple dialects of SQL including complex joins and subqueries, aggregates, window functions, pivots.
  • - Enough familiarity with various types of data stores to make recommendations for different use cases. Know the concepts, then learn the details if you do not already know them. Examples would be document stores (e.g. MongoDB), Redis, graph and event stream (e.g. Kafka, Kinesis).
  • - Experience with BI tools. We currently use Periscope, but will be re-evaluated with your help.
  • - Knowledge of Python, ideally in both analysis and scripting/automation contexts. The ability to create web services in Python would also be a plus.
  • - Strong math skills (statistics, algebra)
  • - A DevOps mindset, or the desire to embrace it.
  • - BS in Computer Science, other technical degree or intensive Data Science program (Lambda, Galvanize, etc) Driven to meet objectives.

Nice-to-have Skills:

  • - Knowledge of Azure and/or AWS platforms.
  • - Familiarity with git and common workflows (branches, pull requests, etc).
  • - Ability to implement persistence and data access patterns such as Repository, Unit of Work and CRUD in C# .NET
  • - Experience with an ORM tool, especially EF6 with code first migrations.
  • - Experience with the Hadoop ecosystem.

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