Software Developer 

Position Overview

GSIX is seeking people excited to join our team.  This is a great opportunity for new employees to expand their skills and influence within their teams and the company overall.

As a Backend Software Developer you will be implementing and supporting our backend APIs. Our API supports native iOS and Android clients, a frontend web application and several partner integrations. Most of your time will be spent building API endpoints to support business logic and data storage for new application features, then supporting our frontend developers as they consume those APIs.

Employment Responsibilities:

  • Ready to learn. Our API has a large surface area, so you will need to learn how it works, then apply the frameworks and patterns to your new efforts.
  • You should also be ready to break new ground using creative approaches where no patterns exist in our code base.
  • You will work with the full lifecycle of our applications, including deployment to cloud infrastructure, support and triage of QA and production issues, and 3rd party integrations. 

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Proficient and tenacious problem solver. Ability to work independently to solve problems, but also know when to ask for help.
  • Expert knowledge of many aspects of C#. Beyond basics like object oriented design, design patterns or Linq, you can effectively apply generics, interfaces, and dependency injection scopes and write testable, modular, maintainable code.
  • .NET Core Experience
  • Deep knowledge of WebApi. Your experience helps you operate efficiently when creating a bunch of new CRUD endpoints, but you have also dug into the inner workings of filters, model binding, declarative security, global error handling, Owin and dependency injection.
  • Experience with a ORM tool, especially EF6 with code first migrations.
  • Knowledge of Azure and/or AWS, especially with continuous integration and templated infrastructure.
  • Experience integrating 3rd party tools and SDKs. We use Twilio, AppBoy, Stripe, Cloudinary and Branch.
  • Ability to combine problem descriptions from QA or customer support, system logs or analytics (e.g. Application Insights) and source code to help reproduce and resolve issues.
  • Understanding of how to manage different development tracks (bug fixes to yesterday’s release, small features for today’s, big changes for next month) using Git branches and multiple testing environments.
  • Familiarity with a git flow that involves pull requests and continuous integration / deployment.
  • Desire to passionately pursue and execute on a BIG mission.
  • Driven to meet objectives.
  • Experience with DevOps and cloud experience.
  • Familiarity with Angular a plus. iOS or Android also helpful.

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Working @ GSIX means...

Competitive salary up to date with the market standards
We take care of you
Visit a place you’ve dreamt about or maybe just pay a visit to a client

You don’t want to leave your dog all alone at home 
Work-life balance
Tailor your working schedule according to your needs 
Boosting our culture once a year on a great remote location.
Gym Membership
We need you safe and sound. Your health matters!
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